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Cuisine Mei Wenti - Olivia Guinebault Cooking and multicultural cuisine was always part of my family life.
My grandparents lived in Morocco, I was born in the tropical climes of Reunion Island, lived in France, the United States, Spain and China. Debunking the myth that French food is only for experts, I started my first cooking classes in Shanghai teaching expatriates and Chinese (even maids). My teaching style help my students discover a simple way to prepare daily healthy meals, then master the art of French cooking. In keeping with this approach, I published a bilingual French cookbook in English/French and Chinese Mandarin. Named Cuisine mei wenti, my French cookbook provides recipes that have been honed by the feedback from my students. In 2010 it was nominated at the Gourmand World cookbook award and is now distributed in China, all over Europe and the USA.

Salade de chou rougeFlan d'auberginVelouté de courgettesGaspacho de fraises menthésCrêpes

Cuisine mei wenti French cookbook and workshops

Book Recipes Mei Wenti

A Bilingual Cookbook designed for beginners

  • More than 50 bilingual recipe sheets (English-Chinese or French-Chinese)
  • French recipes with a Mediterranean twist
  • Step by step instructions and useful tips for beginners
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Cuisine mei wenti cookbook - English/Chinese

Cuisine mei wenti cookbook - French/Chinese

Dynamic Cooking Workshops

  • After work evening classes
  • Day time training for Ayis

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